Powers & Teremy, LLC
Who are we?
Formed in January of 2002, Powers & Teremy, LLC has quickly become the Rochester area’s premier Cultural Resource Management firm. Built upon a reputation of providing professional, efficient, and reliable service, we have worked with a range of clients from small, private developers to large government agencies. Powers & Teremy, LLC has completed hundreds of projects since its inception, including Phase I, II, and III Cultural Resource Investigations.

What is Cultural Resource Management?
Cultural Resource Management is, essentially, a process by which the protection and management of the multitudinous but scarce elements of cultural heritage are given some consideration in a modern world with an expanding population and changing needs. Often equated with archaeology, CRM in fact should and does include a range of types of properties: “cultural landscapes, archaeological sites, historical records, social institutions, expressive cultures, old buildings, religious beliefs and practices, industrial heritage, folklife, artifacts [and] spiritual places” (T. King 2002 :p 1).

All Principal Investigators at Powers & Teremy, LLC meet the qualifications derived from federal regulations 36 CFR 800 and as outlined by the New York Archaeological Council (NYAC) and the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation (NYSOPRHP). Principal Investigators possess a minimum of a Masters degree in Archaeology or associated field. Field Supervisors possess no less than a bachelors degree in Archaeology or related field, as well as a minimum of 5 years of field experience. Crew Chiefs hold a bachelors degree and have two or more years of field experience, while all other staff, such as field technicians, are required to have a bachelors in archaeology or related field. At the moment, Powers & Teremy, LLC employs three Principal Investigators, two field supervisors, two crew chiefs, and five archaeological / research technicians. As is often the case in Cultural Resource Management, we also draw from a pool of freelance archaeological technicians when project conditions necessitate a larger crew. These freelance technicians meet the minimum standards outlined above. We have worked throughout New York State, in various settings from simple, straight-forward excavations in farm fields to complex urban settings with deeply disturbed soils. Powers & Teremy, LLC has completed work for private developers, engineers and architects, as well as municipal and federal agencies, including the US Department of Agriculture.
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